Sunday, May 30, 2010

Add-On Module:

The Lucent i2022 can accept an optional Add-On Module consisting of 32 Programmable Buttons/Call Appearances.
Depending upon your local Central Office limitations, up to two (2) Add-On Modules may be added. This enables large volume call processing.


Optional U Interface module:

Each i2022 will come as standard S/T Interface. An optional U Interface Module can be purchased to enable internal NT1 capability. A local power supply will be supplied with this option.

The items shown to the right are:

Left units - U Interface Black and Misty Cream
Right units - S/T Interface Black and Misty Cream
Note the S/T Interface shows two S ports. One is for normal S/T Line In and the other is a non-powered S/T Interface Out for other devices.

Optional Data module:

There is currently one (1) model for optional Data Module available for installation in the Lucent i2022:
Data Module with dual RS232 ports.
Colors: Black or Misty Cream
The Data Module currently supports only TAPI Interface.


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