Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MRW Technologies Inc., is proud to announce that we are an authorized distributor for the Alpha Telecom product lines.

  UT3620 Triple NT1  

  Triple NT1 Manage Three ISDN BRIs with a Single Compact Unit!

                                                                                Key Benefits:

                        * Three U-Interfaces
                        * Six S/T-Interfaces
                        * Power of 3 NT1s
                        * 384Kbps Video Conferencing
                        * LED Display
                        * Easy Installation


The UT3620 is ideal for high bandwidth Video Conferencing applications or simply low cost convenient ISDN access for multiple terminal adapters and ISDN devices. The UT3620 is an easy to install desktop unit sporting three U-Interfaces and six S/T-Interfaces.

Just as a basic NT1, the UT3620 provides the link between ISDN Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and Central Office switching equipment. It converts the two-wire U-Interface that comes from the telephone company into a four-wire S/T-Interface, but unlike a single NT1 the UT3620 is capable of managing three BRI’s and providing 384Kbps data transmission for Video Conferencing applications.

The UT3620 conforms to industry standards and is FCC, UL, and CUL approved. Its reliable design protects against lightning and power surges.

  • UT3620: P/N 555-3620B0 w/ 16 watt Power Supply
  • UT3620: P/N 555-362B1 w/ 40 watt Power Supply







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