Tuesday, June 29, 2010

PoweRack Series
PoweRack 300e

Integrates NT1 caging, 48 volt DC power, and battery backup in a single pre-assembled unit for powering telephones and SEI B300 NT1's. The PR300e is available in a number of models that house and power from 12 to 48 NT1's, while powering up to 96 phones.   The system controller protects the batteries from over-discharge via a low voltage disconnect circuit. It performs an automatic battery test and indicates when the battery needs to be replaced. The battery is replaceable without taking the phones out of service. Remote monitoring is provided via relay contact closures or SNMP with the optional Power Management Package (PM).
PoweRack 300e

The PR300e output distribution is either via patch panel (RJ45) or
50-pin Amphenol connectors. Increase NT1 capacity by adding additional 300R-U NT1 cages. Battery holdover can be extended by adding external BP-8U battery packs or High Capacity Battery Cabinets. All PR300e units are mountable either on a wall or on 19" racks.

NT1 When NT1's are purchased with a PoweRack 300e, SEI will install and individually test each NT1, providing the customer with a fully configured solution suitable for immediate installation.

Ordering Information
PR300e-12-2.5 PoweRack and 4 hour battery for 6 B300 NT1's and 12 Phones 19 x 6 x 12
PR300e-24-2.5 PoweRack and 2 hour battery for 12 B300 NT1's and 24 Phones 19 x 6 x 12
PR300e-48-2.5 PoweRack and 1 hour battery for 24 B300 NT1's and 48 Phones 19 x 6 x 17
PR300e-72-8 PoweRack and 2 hour battery for 36 B300 NT1's and 72 Phones 19 x 6 x 30
PR300e-96-8 PoweRack and 1 hour battery for 48 B300 NT1's and 96 Phones 19 x 6 x 35
300R-U NT1 cage for 12 B300's with both S/T RJ45 jacks and 50 pin amphenol output 19 x 6 x 5.25
BP-8U 8 amp hour external battery pack 19 x 5 x 6.25
BP-CAB High capacity battery cabinet for up to 8 hours of battery holdover 15.25 x 12 x 28

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