Thursday, July 8, 2010

MRW Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce that we are an authorized distributor for the Alpha Telecom product lines.

UT4620 Quad NT1

Manage Four ISDN BRIs with a Single Compact Unit!

Product Features: 
  • Compatible with North American 2B1Q basic rate services and standard ISDN terminals
  • Provides four 2B+D ISDN BRI U-Interfaces
  • Provides eight 2B+D ISDN BRI S/T-Interfaces
  • Equivalent to four NT1's
  • 512Kbps for Video Conferencing Systems
  • Automatic lightning and surge protection
  • Supports point-to-point and point-to-multipoint
  • LED status for ISDN and Power
  • Ease of configuration and installation
  • Allows long and short passive bus arrangements
  • Desktop, wall mount and Rack Mount Capabilities
  • Compatible with Alpha Telecom AT SuperRack 1006

The UT4620 is used with Video Conferencing Systems which require high-bandwidth data transmission or is used to provide ISDN telephones or other ISDN devices access to ISDN telephones or other ISDN devices access to ISDN services. The UT4620 is easy to install either desktop, wall mount or rack mount.

The UT4620 is offered with different power options depending on your need to power your CPE. The 16W (120Vac, 60Hz) Power Supply provides power to the UT4620 and is ideal for Video Conferencing Systems. The 40W Power Supply (100-240Vac, 50/60Hz), provides not only power to the UT4620 but also provides ITU Standard Power Source 2 (PS2) power through the S/T-Interface to the ISDN CPE and is ideal for ISDN telephone applications.

The UT4620 Quad NT1 provides the link between ISDN Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and Central Office switching equipment. The UT$620 terminates and converts the two-wire U-Interface that comes from the telephone company to a four-wire S/T-Interface, but unlike a single NT1 the UT4620 is capable of terminating four BRIs providing 512Kbps bandwidth for Video Conferencing Systems or applications for four to eight ISDN telephones.

The UT4620 conforms to industry standards 2B1Q line code for the U-Interface: ANSI T1.601-1992. The S/T-Interface conforms to ANSI T1.605-1991; ITU/CCITT I.430 standard; and is a FCC, ETL, CETL, and DOC approved device. Its reliable design protects against lightning and power surges.

  • UT4620 P/N 555-462B0 w/ 16 watt Power Supply
  • UT4620 P/N 555-462B1 w/ 40 watt Power Supply

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