Thursday, July 22, 2010

8000 Series Accessories Modules

                                                                 8030X Add-on Module
 The 8030X Button Expansion Module adds 30 multifunction keys to any Tone Commander 8810, 8610, or 8620 ISDN Telephone or 7810 VoIP Telephone.

These additional multifunction keys can be set up as Call Appearance keys, speed dial keys, Direct Station Select keys, or Feature Activator keys. All multifunction keys have both red and green lamp indicators for easy status viewing.

This module is ideal for answering positions and high-density key applications.

The 8030X includes a replacement phone stand that is compatible with desktop use and wall mounting. The 8030X can be installed on a phone that is equipped with an optional Terminal Adapter.

Only one 8030X per telephone is supported.


8000 Series Terminal Adapters

Terminal adapter options enhance the functionality of Tone Commander 8610, 8620, and 8810 ISDN telephones. Models are available with a serial (USB or RS-232) port to interface the telephone with a Windows PC, and/or an analog port for standard analog telephone devices. Each Terminal Adapter is housed in a module that replaces the expansion cover on the bottom of the telephone.                           

                                                Model:                 TAPI (RS-232)      TAPI (USB)      Analog Port
                                                8001TA                     + 
                                                8002TA                                                           +    
                                                8003TA                     +                                   +  
                                                8005TA                                        +                 +            

 Analog Port (PART #'S 8002TA, 8003TA & 8005TA)

The analog port lets you share your ISDN line with a conference room speakerphone, cordless telephone, fax machine, modem, or other analog phone device. Typical analog applications include:

* Cordless Handset or Headset                                      * TTY Text Telephone
* Conference Room Speakerphone                                 * Strobe Alerting
* Analog Modem                                                           * Dial-up Credit Card Terminal
* Fax                                                                            * Paging Adapter
* Answering Machine                                                     * Loud Ringer


TAPI Port (Part #'s 8001TA,, 8003TA, 8004TA & 8005TA)

The TAPI Port allows you to access ISDN Centrex features for call management and caller identification using any standard Windows TAPI-compliant application. TAPI features update automatically when the phone configuration changes.

Many applications are supported, including Lucent/ AG Communications Systems ClientCare, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Phone Dialer, and Papillon Technologies TAPI Link for Goldmine.

TAPI port Terminal Adapters are compatible with PhoneLink™ for Outlook®, Tone Commander's free call management add-in for Microsoft® Outlook. It displays ringing, active, and held calls from a popup window, and integrates with Outlook's Contacts for caller identification.

* The Tone Commander TSPI Driver is required for interfacing with TAPI applications. This driver is also included with PhoneLink for Outlook. The 8610/8620/8810 User Setup Program does not use the TSPI driver.
* 8004TA and 8005TA models also require the Windows Vista/XP USB Driver, which creates a virtual COM port for USB.


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