Thursday, July 22, 2010

6220-TSG On-Hook Secure ISDN Telephone

The Tone Commander 6220T-TSG-DD and 6220U-TSG-DD are on-hook secure versions of the 6220 ISDN Telephone. These models meet the requirements for TSG-6 certification set by the National Telecommunications Security Working Group. All appropriate electronic circuitry has been modified to ensure the 6220-TSG models meet TSG-6 on-hook security measures.

Both TSG models are equipped with 20 keys, and are available in black only.

The 6220T-TSG-DD (S/T interface) and 6220U-TSG-DD (U interface) are supplied with the TSG-DD1 Disconnect Device, which completely disconnects the ISDN line from the phone when power is not applied. They can be equipped with an optional 6002TA Analog Port Terminal Adapter, which allows interfacing with an analog telephone device, such as an STU-III telephone. The number of multifunction keys can be expanded to 50 with the optional 6030X Button Expansion Module.

TSG-6 Certification Numbers

6220T-TSG: TSG-0212B0103 (replaced by 6220T-TSG-DD)
6220T-TSG-DD: TSG-5S0605-2TC
6220U-TSG-DD: TSG-5S0605-1TC

Made in USA.

All TSG models meet DCID Directive no. 6/9 for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) and JAFAN Directive n. 6/9 for Special Access Program Facilities (SAPF).
The 6220-TSG models have received DoD Unified Capabilities Approved Products List (UC APL) approval effective 24 June 2010. This solution achieved Information Assurance (IA) Accreditation from the Defense IA/Security Accreditation Working Group (DSAWG) on 14 Jun 2010. This solution achieved Interoperability Certification (IOC) on 10 Jun 2010 from the Joint Staff (JS).

Feature Differences from Standard 6220 Models  
  • All speakerphone-related features are disabled. Hot key dialing and voice announce features are disabled.  
  • FA (call) options are removed from menus. On-hook FA activation does not initiate calls; FA (call) settings are ignored.  
  • The user must be off-hook prior to selecting CA, DSS, speed-dial keys, or dialing from the call directory or call log  
  • 5ESS Custom adjunct control messages are ignored.  
  • When on-hook, Redial soft key is not provided, Call Directory menu option is not provided (Call Directory dial pad short cut operation is also disabled), and DIAL menu option from the Call Log is not provided.  
  • All Voice Announce menus, remote download, Speakerphone, and Headset Mode options are eliminated from the Setup menus. Permanent option settings are: VA disabled, Speakerphone disabled, and Handset mode operation (Headset Mode is not allowed). 
  • The speakerphone microphone and associated circuitry has been removed.   
  • The handset transmitter circuit has been modified so that the handset microphone is electrically disabled when the phone is idle.   
  • Operating software cannot be altered in the field after the phone has been factory configured. 
NOTE: The 6220T-TSG has been replaced by the 6220-TSG-DD phone.
All customers ordering the 6220T-TSG will need to order the 6220T-TSG-DD model. The 6220T-TSG-DD phone provides the same functionality as the 6220T-TSG phone, and is qualified for adding the 6030X Button Expansion Module or the 6002TA Analog Port Terminal Adapter.



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